Iron Hearse Destinations "final journey"

                      Established  2008                                                                                  

This is a Motorcycle - Drawn Hearse

The Alternative Hearse Service

Not your traditional motorcar hearse (station wagon)

Which is located in Des Moines, Iowa 

The Motorcycle Hearse Made It's Debute On June 20th 2008 at the Indianola Bike down To "I" Town Bike Night

Remember back to the days of the old west, there were horse drawn hearses, also known  as glass sided caissons. Our hearse represents the glass sided caission except it is drawn by a motorcycle, better known as an iron horse.

This is a old fashioned idea but with a modern day twist, Just trying to bring back a little bit of the old west.

We are committed to providing you excellent service with a unique alternative to standard motorcar hearses. Iron Hearse Destinations services are available for ALL funerals. Whether you are the hard core biker, weekend warrior, urban biker, motocross, military,Cowboy, Policeman, Fireman, Military, Businessman, Wife, son , Daughter or someone with a free spirit who just wants to break tradition.  We are here to serve you. 

Make your loved one's "final journey"  one that will be forever remembered and cherished by family and friends. A special farewell for a special person.

I am also glad to say that I am part of the American  Motorcycle Hearse Association

The Open Road